*Review* Baby Massage Experience with My Father: A Father’s Journey

When I was contacted to see if i would like to review a book on baby massage, a father’s journey. I was intrigued. You see this book isn’t a “how to” book, it’s a book that focuses on the benefits for fathers & families. I had done one to one lessons with Ethan but had never thought of it as fathers doing it.

Written by Mary Kay, a former midwife, health visitor and most recently a baby massage instructor. It looks at father’s journey through those early few months of bonding with your child.

In many ways i think a lot of people will relate to the story, on how a father struggles to bond with their child and how the health system’s priority is mum and baby, and just sometimes dads get a little lost on their journey.

Here is a little bit more information on the book:
Rather than a ‘how to manual’, the book is a sensitive story about new dad, Mike, and his transition to fatherhood, which at times was difficult and challenging. He found after the birth of his daughter he couldn’t do anything right because he lacked confidence. As a result, he felt side-lined, useless and struggled with his new responsibilities. The book focuses on how baby message was one element of support that helped boost his confidence, enhanced his parenting skills and sealed his bond with his baby.

Mary Kay said, “During my experiences as a midwife, health visitor and more recently a baby massage instructor, I often see fathers feeling alone and unsure of their role after the birth of their child. This is often because the bonding between mother and baby is taking place 24/7 when dad is often at work and can’t always be around. I’ve found that fathers who use baby massage experience improved confidence and self-esteem due to the increased involvement with their newborns. Babies benefit due to more eye-contact, smiling, and vocalizing with their daddy. Of course, a father’s involvement through baby massage can assist in giving a much-needed break to mum which can ease stress on the parents’ relationship too!”

This book is set to launch on 24th September – for your chances to win please see my competitions tab!

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