*Review* Baby Name Pictures

Whilst i was pregnant with Kayleigh i was doing what every mum to be does, browses for things for their nursery imagining what i wanted when i stumbled across Baby Name Pictures and that was it i was sold, i wanted one of those!

Our theme for our nursery was the “I love my Bear” so after looking around i asked Kate if she could do Kayleigh’s name picture in that theme and being as talanted as she is of course she could. So once Kayleigh was born i sent her birth details over and within a few weeks this arrived

Since then i’ve kept the website saved and once Ethan was born we asked for his to be done in the same theme as they share a room and this is his one


You can also purchase several other products from the website.

For our door plaques i was pretty vague, I just asked for something girly for Kayleigh like flowers/fairies etc and for Ethan i asked for anything boyish like cars/trains/dinousaurs and Kate worked her magic and these arrived



As you can see they are stunning and are even better than i could have ever imagined, thats the thing about Kate i know how talanted she is just from looking at her work so i trusted her 100% that they would come out stunning just from her own imagination.

Not only does Kate do name pictures in watercolour and door plates but she also does canvas name plates and pictures too.

Prices start at £34 for the watercolour name pictures unframed and £16 for the door plates. She can also mount and frame the pictures too if you wish, which for me is perfect as i wait for the post man to arrive with my perfectly packaged parcel for me just to hang.

So if anyone is looking for a stunning piece of one of art work for your childrens room here is the place to be Baby Name Pictures

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