The Basics For Improving Your Health

The Basics For Improving Your Health


Too often do we push our health down the list of important things. Appointments, bills, work and so many other things easily take its place but your health shouldn’t be something you can put aside as a matter of convenience. Your physical and mental health on a basic level doesn’t need much, and it can be a minimal effort situation. Nor do you have to completely rejig your life to fit in new routines, being healthy can easily slip into the way you live your life now and is more about moderation and swapping than anything else.


Your diet is a huge part of being healthy. If you eat nothing but rubbish, then that is all your body will grow on. You are what you eat after all. Swap your fizzy drinks for soft, your white bread for brown and your red meat for white. There are so many little swaps that you can do that will benefit your health. Cutting back on carbs and sugar will have a massive difference. Eating less dairy will clear up your skin and reduce bloat – if you understand what you’re eating then you can change your diet to suit the lifestyle you want.


It’s recommended that you exercise for at least a half hour every day, but the level of exercise you do all depends on what you want to do for you body. Exercise for weight loss is completely different than for putting on muscle, and different again from just exercising for your health. If you have a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, then there isn’t much more that you need to do if you don’t want to. But introducing practices like yoga and swimming can help you to remain flexible, can reduce pain, and even prevent issues arising in the future.


A huge part of maintaining your health is to recognise when you need to see someone about it. So many people don’t go to their GPs when they need to because they don’t feel like it’s bad enough to make an appointment or they simply don’t have the time. But you do need to talk to a doctor when you’re not feeling well. If you can’t get to a doctor’s surgery, then try the online app with GPs powered by babylon, to talk to someone at your convenience.


The outdoors is a huge part of being healthy. The fresh air and sunshine has no rival. The lack of sunshine can lead to issues like SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is a form of depression and can be so easily rectified through gaining more vitamin D. You can use a sunlamp through the colder seasons, but nothing beats the natural source. The outdoors can be a great place to spend time with family too – find a local forest or park and take a picnic, or a dog and have a day out.

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