Birdseye #Afterschoolchefs

With the summer over everyone is back into a routine now with school (not much has changed in this household though!) which means dinner times become a little more stressful!

Birdseye want to know about our afterschool dinner routine and how we keep it going…. the answer … we don’t really have one!

I am at work until 4.30 so by the time I get home it tends to be about 4.45 by this time Kayleigh and Ethan have been picked up by Daddy Vs Work from school and waiting for me to get home.

Once I get in we tend to spend the first few minutes catching up on our days and finding out what exciting things have happened.

Then our thoughts turn to food….

Most of the times I cook our meals from scratch and I try and meal plan weekly as I’m doing our weekly shop online, I brought a very handy (huge) fridge magnet that was perfect for this.

However it’s not always practical or I’ll be honest there is some times where I just don’t want to be tied to our cooker (Yes we have a cooker! Those following on social media will know all about my joys of having a working cooker since it broke back in April this year)

So we have a plan b & c!

If I don’t mind cooking something quick my two love to have pancakes, traditional ones with lemon and sugar.

Sometimes though that’s still a bit too much effort, especially at the month end when my work is just manic, so I head to my trusty freezer.

Birdseye have a fab range now which means there is something perfect for everyone. Daddy Vs Work and I love their peri peri chicken chargrills with rice and Mediterranean grilled vegetables however the kids are not so keen on this!

Last night after a busy day at work we all sat down to chicken goujons, mashtags and beans and there was clean plates and full tummies all around.

With the Birdseye range I feel there is something for everything but you know the quality in the whole range is going to be good.

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