Brightening the mood

The past few months have been tough in our household. There has been lots going on off the blog which is still going on, then to throw in to the mix illnesses and trying to remortgage at the same time it has been manic.

With so much going on the mood in the household at times can be a little stressed (I’m the first to admit stress makes me really grumpy) but it also becomes a bit of a double edge sword, on one hand you get so wrapped up in sorting through paperwork and other bits that are stressing you out that you have no time to do anything then you realise that the whole weekend has passed in a blur and you have had no time to spend it together, doing nothing really other than enjoying each others company.

So with the warmer weather here, we are trying to brighten the mood in the house with lots of time outside.


Our garden is a long way off being complete so for the minute I have to make do with ordering pretty flowers in for our house to brighten the kitchen however we are hoping to have our own beautiful flowers growing in our garden in the next few month.

With the lovely light evenings though we have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy eating dinner outside, we don’t have a massive amount of space to play with at the minute but this month we treated ourselves to a picnic bench and new bbq for us to be able to enjoy time away from screens and just get outside.


The first weekend we got it we had BBQ for dinner 3 days on the trot! Then just enjoyed playing football or with the frisbee, it was nice just to relax and not think about things for a little while.

As the garden starts to be renovated I will be sharing all about it on the blog in the coming months so stay tuned!

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