Brit Mums Personal Prompt – If i wouldn’t be judged harshly i would say…

So this is my first Brit mums personal prompt participation and I cant wait!

If I wouldn’t be judged harshly, I would say I’m not a natural mum out loud.

If there ever was a thing that is known as a “natural” mum I know that I would not be that! My idea of a natural mum is this:

Natural birth with no pain relief – Failed! Kayleigh’s birth involved every kind of pain relief going and Ethan’s ended up being an elective c-section so I had a spinal.

Breastfeeding exclusively until 6 months – Failed! With Kayleigh I lasted for about 8 weeks but it just wasn’t working no matter what we tried and she was so hungry! Ethan I gave up after about 5 days. It was just too much for me to do whilst recovering and having a toddler (yes I know people do it and i gave up too easy)

Weaning onto Homemade food – Failed! Just decided jars/packets were easier, no excuses.

Spending hours entertaining and teaching – Failed! With work and the blog & the rest of our day-to-day life we don’t get hours, we just have to make the most of the precious little time we do have.

Producing two of the most amazing, caring, gorgeous, clever, loving children – Passed! Dont ask me how but I have the most amazing children in the world. They are both so caring with each other and every one, they love each other to death and are so clever! I am immensely proud to be their mum and I just hope when they grow up they feel the same about me being their mum.

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