Caravan holidays: How to Keep the Whole Family Healthy on Holiday

Caravan holidays are great opportunities to stay physical and healthy, despite being on holiday. Walking, hiking, biking and exploring the great outdoors is all great exercise for you and your family while you are away from the comfort and routine of home life.

Being in the great outdoors also does wonders for your mental health; the fresh air is revitalising, reduces stress levels and is a great opportunity to cleanse your lungs. The last thing you want to do is jeopardise all that goodness with fast food and sugary snacks when you return to your caravan.

It’s really important to prepare your meals on a caravan getaway  for you and your family. Caravan space isn’t as limited as it once was, but this way you can still choose healthy options for meal times to continue feeling energised and rejuvenated on your holidays.

Research your Kitchen

Firstly, you should research the caravan holiday parks you’re interested in staying in to find out what kitchen appliances the caravan has so that you can prepare accordingly. Most have small hobs, sinks and fridges. However, with these tips on eating healthy whilst on caravan holidays, you won’t need much else.

The first stage of the preparation is meal planning. Write a daily list of the meals and snacks that you and your family will have on your getaway.

This way you know exactly what you’re having each day and it’s much easier not to go off track and end up gorging on something you will later regret. You can find loads of healthy recipes that are for caravan holidays online, so use these to get inspiration for your own family.

Food Shopping

Creating a physical list will make you and the family more likely to stick to it and by giving different members of the family a different option, you can cater to the preferences of everyone.  Say goodbye to the age-old excuses of “But I don’t like this’ by planning ahead.  From your meal plan, you can then devise a shopping list.

Aim to include fruits and vegetables that are in season for the time of year you are going on holiday, find out what these are and base your meals around these. With a meal plan and shopping list to hand, you can do the supermarket sweep in one fell swoop. Aim to do the food shop the day before your holiday to ensure the food is nice and fresh for your trip.

Caravan healthy Breakfast

Preparing your Meals

It’s handy to keep things in plastic, resealable containers to keep them fresh and separate. Fruit is easy to travel with and take to a caravan, take whole apples, bananas and oranges. Place grapes into plastic containers, in small portion sizes, so that anyone can grab a pot for an easy and yummy snack on the go.

With vegetables, you may want to cook them first while you’re at home and then take them to the caravan in plastic containers. This way you can just re-heat them when necessary in a saucepan. A great idea is to make colourful stir-fries full of vegetables that will are easy to reheat, creating a perfect, delicious, fresh and healthy meal in minutes.Caravan healthy Breakfast

Eggs are fantastic and a great source of protein. Mix in a few vegetables and you have a tasty omelette. Another source of protein is meat, but you don’t really want to be travelling on your holidays with raw meat if you can avoid it. Instead, make cold cuts by cooking the meat at home and then slicing it up and keeping in plastic containers. It’s perfect to snack on cold or reheated in a meal.

Good sources of carbohydrates and fibres to take to caravan holidays are loaves of wholemeal bread and rolls for yummy sandwiches. Fill with cooked meat, ham, cheese, or tuna. If you are taking tinned food, remember that not all caravan come equipped with essentials like tin openers!

Alternatively, you can also cook a batch pasta, divide it into portion-size containers and enjoy it cold or reheated as part of a meal.

Pack your food with ice packs to keep it cool whilst you are in the car or travelling to the caravan, especially during the warmer seasons. With all this emphasis on food, don’t forget to stay hydrated, too!

Now you’re fully prepared to plan and prepare for a healthy caravan vacation. Just think how uplifted and invigorated you and your family are going to be after all that exercise, fresh air and healthy eating. All that’s left to do is burn off all that energy with some hiking and outdoor adventures – enjoy!

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