Changing Your Thought Process On Career Change

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Getting back into work or switching careers a few years into your life can be a challenging prospect and many people are put off by it. But they shouldn’t be, your time on this planet will be made up of difficult scenarios and facing them head-on is the only way to keep moving. So, here are some suggestions for those you who want to get back into work maybe after having children or if you’re deciding on switching roles for any number of reasons.


One of the things that we are lucky to have in the modern age is the opportunity to study anywhere and at any time. Your options don’t have to be limited to doing a degree in your teens like it once was, no instead you can pursue alternative career options later in life thanks taking the option of learning new skills such as getting an MA education which would give you the tools required to switch into a career in teaching or start one if that is where you currently are.

The important thing here is making the most of your time. You will have ambitions and passions so the next steps you should take care to research what you need to have qualifications wise in order to pursue a career in these fields. Football fans often give up hope of working within the game when they don’t make the grade as a youngster, however the sport is made up of hundreds of jobs ranging from working with the playing staff to club operations. The same applies to music fans, theatre lovers or any other number of passions that have an industry for you to explore.

Going back to school later in life is also good for you not just because it opens up new opportunities but you’re likely to get more out of it. You’ve lived a little bit now, you’ve seen the real world first-hand and can bring that knowledge to your studies.

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Depending on what kind of role you want to explore when you get back into work or switch careers, you may need to demonstrate experience. It is one of the greatest frustrations for job-hunters, they need experience but can’t get it without being employed. With that in mind, if education isn’t for you, then you should look into work either voluntarily or self-employed.

By taking the initiative and using the internet to find freelance opportunities in your chosen field of work, you can demonstrate not only the experience required to pursue a full-time career, but also that your work ethic. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork offer people the opportunity to list their skills to do paid work while building up a portfolio of work. If you want a career in a field dominated by the written word, then take on some work writing for blogs and websites to demonstrate your ability, so long as you can back up your claims that you’re the right person for the role it shouldn’t matter where you gained your experience.

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