Confessions of a ‘Bingoholic’

As parents we have to get our priorities straight. Frazzled from shuffling between home to work to taking care of kids, the few hours left to ourselves literally mean a lot. Today I’m going to fess up to something very few know about.

Lately I started indulging in online bingo games- my top secret delight! And no I’m not a grey haired, old lady playing a game hard for the opposite sex to understand. Bingo stereotypes have existed for years now. Before I was introduced to the wonderful world of bingo, even I used to indulge in name-calling and type casting. However, today I’m proud to be a part of the enormous crowd who love playing bingo. And no, before you judge me, I don’t play online bingo for money. The truth is, the thrill I get is inexplicable. It’s truly worth experiencing. In fact, last week I was with my kid at the grocery store. Might sound funny, but I yelled out “Bingo” louder than I should have, when my number got called out- till date I laugh hysterically thinking about it.

I always wondered, what’s all the fuss about online bingo. Here’s how I got started with this latest virtual gaming sensation. I came across a site called GameVillage Bingo. There was a no deposit joining bonus of £10. Don’t know what dawned on me, but I ended up registering. The first game is still etched in my mind. Clueless, I was trying to figure out what’s happening in the bustling rooms. I kept playing, till I won a substantial amount. Thereafter, there was no looking back.

A typical bingo session lasts for an hour or so. I typically play for 15 -20 minutes, rest of the time I chat with people who practically I’ve never met. The social aspects of bingo is heavenly. It’s a great bonding ground for those who are the gregarious types. Online bingo has a community of folks to tap in, indulge in a lively banter and on winning have a moment to share with the large group.

It certainly is a recreational activity. Whenever I go to pick my kids up from school or when I’m sitting at the park alone or when there’s a deathly silence around me- I play bingo. It also helps me combat boredom.

Online bingo is an ideal activity for mums to occupy and forget everyday niggles. Occasionally, after a tedious day’s work I let my hair down, indulge in a glass of wine and a game of bingo. Ah! The delights.

So before I crash into bed, let me play another game and I’ll be all set for the next day. Browse around here to get involved with my favourite bingo site.

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