Cravendale Epic Straws

We we’re lucky enough to be selected to play with the new Cravendale Epic straws through Brit Mums 🙂

When the post man delivered the parcel we had a green and a red jiffy bag, I think the kids thought it was Christmas! Inside each bag was a separate set of straws with instructions on how to make the Epic Straws into a great design, plus 2 vouchers to get some Cravendale. Then came the fun part!

We ditched the instructions and got creative! I would like to write more but to be honest the pictures (and the spilt milk) tend to do the talking in this instance. I think its safe to say Kayleigh and Ethan loved being able to drink from the bottle and spill the milk without being told off, so without further a do, here is our creativity on the table with the milk & Epic Straws!

If you want to find out more about Cravendale Epic Straws head to from the 24th September onwards!

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