Creating your dream kitchen

Following on from the kids room being re-decorated last weekend the only room in the house that really needs sorting now is our Kitchen.

Not long after we moved in we took out a wall between the kitchen and hallway to make it larger and put in a new flooring just before Ethan came along but other than new doors that’s as far as we have got!

The first thing I would do would be to take out the laminate worktops and replace them with some new work surface, they have some lovely ones around now such as quartz worktops. The ones we have just look old and battered, so something that is low absorbent and stain resistant would be amazing!

I would also look at the layout, as spacious as our kitchen may feel for a small kitchen we are really low on workspace so I would look to extend the work surface around with some low level cupboards, this would allow some space for a Kitchenaid I’m sure!

Looking on Planet Granite at all their selection and designs of worktops has left me thinking about colours and designs.


I’m a big fan of organisation and space (maybe a bit OCD!) so I know the design would have to be simple with blocks of colour to add to the design.

Looking at kitchen designs I’m keen on the white designs with the black Silestone Workstops, I have always admired the high gloss looks but I doubt with 2 little ones I would stay that lovely for long! However I do have images of clear worktops and my kitchen gadgets on display like in a show home, fat chance of that!

I also love the clever storage options that you get these days from the cool draws to the special draw and cupboard inserts to hold your plates/utensils etc.

With the wedding almost 9 months away unfortunately the kitchen will need to be postponed for a few more months but I know when we come to do it, I will make sure everything is perfect!

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