Cyber Mummies

Right i started righting a post about the weekend and how I’d got some fab ideas from my cyber mummy friends from a close knit forum then sitting thinking about it i realised just how much i had got from my cyber mummies.

It all started back it January 2008 when i joined Thinkbaby before i feel pregnant with Kayleigh, at the same time i joined so many other sites looking for advice & freebies! I made some great friends on Thinkbaby and am still in touch with 3 of them via facebook 3 years on! We went through our pregnancies together from start to finish and are now coming up to our little ones 3rd birthdays with all of us being mummy of 2!!

Around Sept 09 i joined another baby forum set up privately from Babycentre and although i was fairly new to the site and although i was not a regular poster they welcomed me with open arms. It was here that i went through the whole trials and tribulations of Ethan’s pregnancy with him being breech and me requiring a c-section. Without their support and words of wisdom his pregnancy would have been 10 times worse.

We’ve had laughter over what our little ones have done along with tears through some pretty upsetting time. We’ve also had a few ups and downs on the board but like any community you come out the other side stronger and i know without the mum’s I’ve met on the forum i wouldn’t be the mum i am today.

So this blog post is for all the cyber mum’s I’ve met and have yet to meet. You’ve taught me so much, i just hope you’ve learnt a little from me 🙂

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