Date night in with the help of Dominos

Making time for “couple” time can be hard when you have kids as there is always something going on and I can guarantee the night you plan to do something together one of the kids ends up ill (like chicken pox!).

So for us spending time together usually means catching up with our favourite shows or enjoying a new film with some good food whilst the kids are snoozing.

To celebrate the launch of Dominos Tummy Translator app we were treated to a night of yummy pizza from Dominos.

Whenever we have pizza we always tend to opt for a pizza and lots of different sides so the new offer of Pick N Mix from Dominos was a perfect choice from us. You can get your hands on a Large Pizza, 1 chicken side, 1 sumptuous side and 2 x 500ml bottles of drink for £19.99. Giving you the perfect mix of food for two (probably more suited for a family of 4 if you don’t want to overindulge!)

Dominos Dominos

Ordering online is simple and our food was dispatched and arrived piping hot. If you don’t fancy the Pick N Mix deal though have a look on their site as they have a selection of offers suitable for everyone.

Their new app is a fun way to decide what you want to eat, its tummy translator machine helps interpret how hungry your tummy is by its rumbles and guides you on the right path with your order. It is actually just a fun app that Dominos have come up with to make pre meal times a bit more fun especially for kids.

Do you find a way to have time as a couple? With so much going on these days it is hard to switch off from our busy lives but sometimes back to basic with a good food is the way to go!

If your looking for more fun foods reads why not head over to Dominos blog here.

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