*Review* Dino-Daisy

We were very fortunate earlier in the week to take delivery of our Dino-Daisy cognac beans anklet, with many thanks to Kate at Dino-Daisy for arranging one for us to review.

Our Baltic Amber anklet with its cotton bag

As you now know Ethan is cutting his “fangs” so when we was offered a chance to try this product we jumped at the chance as he likes to chomp down hard on anything at the moment to relieve the pain so we was willing to try anything to help! We decided to go for the anklet instead of the necklace as Ethan is a rough and tumble type of boy and i was a bit concerned about how he’d be with a necklace on. So of i went to try and get him to sit still to put it on his ankle!

A little bit of information about Dino-Daisy:
Baltic amber contains Succinic Acid, a known analgesic reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds.
For centuries throughout Europe, Baltic amber has been used for healing and well being. When worn, the warmth from your body releases the ambers’ natural oils into the skin, soothing and offering completely natural remedy for the misery of teething aches and pains, and many ailments in adults.
All of the Amber in the Dino-Daisy range is genuine, authentic, natural Baltic amber.
About the anklets:
Part of the Dino-Daisy Pure Collection, these really are the bees knees in teething anklets and perfect if you are uncomfortable with your little one wearing something around their neck.  These anklets are fully adjustable, stay on, and can also be worn as a bracelet by your tot (or they’ll fit mummy or big sister too!).
 To be perfectly honest i find the whole concept of these anklets/necklaces amazing. I like to think there are ways to treat illness or pain without using manufactured medicines and this is exactly that.
The anklet is a beautiful colour and is sits perfectly on either an ankle or a wrist depending on your child, the clever thing is the fact that it can be extended over time. It comes with a double latch, this means it can be secured twice plus the actual anklet is knotted after each bead so in the very unlikely event it was to snap only one bead would detach, though the beads are small and shouldn’t prove too much of a danger as with all jewellery children should be supervised whilst wearing it at all time.
Ethan has been wearing his now for 3 days and i have noticed a big difference in him, I’ve not had to use baby paracetamol or anything like that with him and he seems to be much happier and does not really seem to be having to much pain with his teeth now, they have cut the gum so I’m going to carry on using our anklet until they are through just to make sure!
I wish i had known about these a long time ago as Kayleigh teething was a nightmare! This is going to stay in my bag by close once we’ve done with it this time so as soon as Ethan cuts his next lot of teeth it will be going back on his ankle until they are through!
You can purchase you anklets (which i highly recommend) from Dino-Daisy for £10.00 and the necklaces for £12.00 which for me is a great price to pay, compared to what you would pay out for paracetamol or teething gels.
Now the exciting part!!! Dino-Daisy have kindly given us a Cognac Baroque Teething Necklace to give away in a competition! So head over to our competition page to find out more 🙂

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