Do you take time out to look after yourself now you are a parent?

Do you take time out to look after yourself now you are a parent?

I am the worst person for taking time out for myself, especially now I am a parent.

It’s in my nature to run at full speed and make sure everyone else is organised and cared for. My needs are always forgotten about, in fact I don’t even think about my needs until usually its too late.

When you become a parent, you really do understand the saying “not enough hours in the day” and it is not a lie!

Recently though with the changes coming into place with me working for myself I’ve started to make sure that I take time out for myself. Everyone needs a bit of TLC from time to time and it doesn’t even need to cost a lot of money.

Here are a few ideas to give yourself that much needed break:

  1. Why not take a long soak in the bath, chill out and enjoy the peace for 10 minutes.
  2. Give yourself a mini manicure. It doesn’t have to be expensive but just giving yourself that half an hour pamper will make all the difference.
  3. Take a trip to the salon and let the professionals prepare you for your holiday with Elisons waxing kits. Feeling all prepared for your trip helps you to relax before you go. This great ebook is full of the latest beauty trends for this year too.

With my time going to seem really short in the coming weeks I’ve started to think about a new routine to make sure I get that “me” time.

For me personally, I want some time to be able to start working out and looking after my body from the inside out. So in the next few weeks I will be using the time I would normally be getting ready for work to start working out.

It won’t be much as I’m still banned from over using my foot whilst it recovers but I need to do something and a little each day is better than nothing!

Then I am going to make sure that I take some time out to just take a breather. The last 18 months or so, around my full time job I have been putting in 20+ hours on my blog, freelance stuff and other sources of income.

I need to take a break, I need to look after myself a bit better.

Starting with changing my attitude to taking a time out!

Taking time out now you are a parent

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