Dreaming of working for myself

I’ve worked for so long now, mainly in finance but I did work in a shop from the age of 14 stacking shelves.

The only time I haven’t worked since then was when I was 16 and did my AAT course on a 6 month fast track plus the 2 weeks I had off when I was made redundant, that is it really!

However every day I think more and more about working for myself.

I would love to fit work around Kayleigh and Ethan and do the simple things such as school runs or attending the assembly’s which isn’t easy when you are in a 9-5 job. My work is fairly flexible but there is only so many holidays that you receive in a year and it doesn’t take time to eat into them.

My blog has been bringing in a steady small sum of income, not enough to live on as a full-time job however with me turning 30 in 13 months time I feel that if I’m going to take a career change it has to be in the next few years.

So behind the scenes I am beavering away on other little projects and this blog is ticking away nicely. In an ideal world I’d move into freelance work a lot more and use the passion for writing and social media to carve out a little career.

I’m determined more than ever to break out of a routine of 9-5 work and will make it one way or another in the next few years!

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