*Review* Dylon Dye

Did you know that on average women have 22 items of unworn/unloved clothing in their wardrobe gathering dust? So Dylon kindly sent me a couple of samples of their colour dye to try to revamp a piece of old clothing I had lying around.

Now initially I thought I would give my old jeans a revamp, then on the back of my door I saw my trusty old dressing gown. Now this is almost 6 years old and is my favourite item, however it was looking a bit old and sad. So I set to brightening it up with Intensive Violet!

As you can see from the before pictures it looked a bit sad however after a really easy trip in the washing machine I now have a gorgeous violet dressing gown that has been given a whole new lease of life! The pictures really do not do it justice! If you want something a bit bolder you just need to add another pack of dye.

The dye itself is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is add the dye to the machine, covered by 500g salt then the damp item of clothing, run on a 40 degree cotton wash. Then run on another 40 degree wash with washing powder and leave it to dry. That simple!

Next up i need to find something to dip dye as this looks fab! What a great way to revamp your wardrobe!

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