Ensuring you are protected should life get tough

Ensuring you are protected should life get tough

Life can be tough at times, it never goes to plan and the unexpected always happens when you feel like you are already down. It has this knack to be able to knock you down whilst you are trying to get up.

There are lots of ways to however help financially when times are tough, the key to this is getting yourself protected as soon as possible.

For us personally we have life insurance, should the worst happen to Daddy Vs Work or I we pay off the mortgage and leave a little bit of cash to help ease the financial stress. After all, losing a loved one is traumatic enough as it is without the financial burden being piled on.

We also have pet insurance for our dogs, thankfully they are healthy however you never know what may happen. Red is 12 so getting old now in terms of dog years and Daisy our pug is a breed which is known to possibly have health issues, so we are taking no chances.

On top of these we also have the standard car insurance, house insurance and when we travel we take out travel insurance.

I know that it may seem like a lot of insurances and hopefully we may never need to use them however finances are already tight enough for our family without the added pressures should something bad happen to us.

However, did you know that you can also take our family, income protection and child insurance. So, should the worse happen and your child or even you became poorly with you being unable to work you are able to cover your financial stress whilst you deal with other important issues such as getting back to fighting fit.

PureCover have put together this infographic which I have to say some of this is quite surprising, 9.9 million travelled without taking out insurance. I couldn’t even imagine the stress that would cause should something happen to you whilst you are abroad. It’s not even that costly any more

Do you have the right insurances in place for your family?

The Average Persons Life Insurance Journey
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