Exciting Twists On Boring Gifts

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Some gifts have a reputation for being fairly unexciting and uninspired. However, there can still be ways of making these gifts fun and interesting. Below are just a few examples of exciting twists on boring gifts. 


If you can’t afford a gift, the next best thing is a card. But don’t just settle for a generic birthday card from your local petrol station. Personalised birthday cards are much more likely to be kept onto and treasured as they can carry much more meaning. Such cards could contain special hand-picked photos or even collages of meaningful photos. You can also personalise the text on the card to make it more unique and personal – which could include using pet names, incorporating private jokes or even writing your own short love poem.

Body spray

Nothing says uninspired like a Lynx body spray set. While body spray can be a useful gift, it’s not a gift that’s going to wow people. However, you can make this gift more unique and exciting by looking into custom body spray companies. These companies allow you to concoct your own fragrances by choosing different ingredients – a much more fun take on body spray. 


Candles are often go-to generic gifts. There are however many ways to make these gifts more exciting and more meaningful. Firstly, you can consider personalising a candle – there are companies that can allow you to print custom names on candle labels or even choose scents. Opting for unusual and unique scents could be a way of making this gift stand out. You could even look into hand-picked selection boxes. Alternatively, if the person you’re buying for loves candles and is quite crafty, you could consider buying them a DIY candle craft set for making their own candles!


Socks are popular Xmas stocking fillers. While many of us tend to value socks more as we get older, not all socks are equal in their value. In many cases, it’s best to choose socks that are either premium quality or unique in some way. There are many fun ways to personalise socks including opting for monogrammed socks, printing names on them or even printing photos on them. You can also explore silly designs for a funny gag gift. More practical choices could include soft winter socks or merino wool socks for working out in. 


Many of us already have too many mugs in our cupboards. That said, mugs can still be a fun gift – providing that it’s something a little unusual. Forget ‘best dad ever’ mugs. There are much better ways to make mugs personal such as adding custom photos or personalised messages. You could even look into magic mugs that change colour or display a picture only when you put hot liquid in them. There’s also the option of creatively-shaped mugs that could be catered to specific interests or hobbies. This could include travel mugs (which are overlooked and often quite useful!). 

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