Father’s Day with Snapfish

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s hard to escape the build-up in the shops.

However, are you looking for something a little different, maybe something a bit more personalised?

You need to head to Snapfish then!

They have a wide range of gifts to select from including mugs, photobook and acrylic prints so when I was given the chance to order some bits it was hard to select from the great range.

I went for 3 things, a card, an acrylic print and a collage poster.

The card was nice and simple, they have a selection of card designs already preset and from the selection, you filter things like how many pictures you would like it to have. This will then give you the cards that suit your filter.

From there on it is a step by step process, the first selecting the pictures and slotting them in and then the chance to add your own wording etc.

For our card I selected two of my favourite pictures of Kayleigh and Ethan from the wedding and added these to the front, I then had the option to add more inside so used some hand-drawn pictures (more on these in a bit) into the middle before our message.

The card arrived and it was perfect, well-printed and the pictures were really clear!

Snapfish Snapfish

Next up was a gift for my dad.

I’m always stuck what to get him and after years of mugs, coasters and Toblerone’s I thought it was time for something a little different. At our wedding we had some great shots done when I was getting ready with my dad and I thought one of these would be a perfect gift.

Trying to get away from the Dad picture frames I selected the Acrylic print option, this gave me a 6 by 4 inch print on acrylic and stand, meaning no frame was needed. I was unsure of how this would turn out but am really pleased with the outcome. It looks stylish and contemporary and would look great on any desk or unit to display


Last up is my favourite item of all, I love the way this one has come out.

I asked Kayleigh and Ethan to draw a selection of pictures for Daddy Vs Work’s Father’s Day gift but didn’t tell them what I had planned for it.

Their artwork was added with a selection of pictures of us as a family to a poster collage when you select this option and add the pictures there is the option for featured photo or shuffle photo, but I really like the layout it had selected for me. It gave all the pictures their own little space but were evenly spread out.

It is a great keepsake of the kid’s art and memories that we love and would look great on any wall! This is the 40″ by 30″ poster but they do come smaller if you like.

Snapfish Snapfish

There is some great items on Snapfish and I’m sure that you will find something that will be perfect for your dad but be quick, the last date to order for Father’s day is the 15th June!

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