How do you feel about summer body and swimwear?

The press and tv put lots of pressure on women to have this dream summer body.

It’s everywhere from clothing adverts to fitness DVD’s and countless diets.

However is there really a thing as a summer body?!

After all everyone’s body comes in different shapes and sizes and who has any rights to tell us what we should look like.

George at Asda conducted a survey to find out just what women really thought about swimwear and body types. What doesn’t surprise me is the fact that only 27.5% of women felt that swimwear advertisement represents the average female body.

I’m not big however I’m untoned mum of two who is a size 10-12. The thought of wearing swimwear isn’t something I’m keen on. The pictures with swimwear models is a perfect toned size 8-10 without a stretchmark or roll in site, most definitely not something I look like!

Maybe I did about 10 years ago but I’ve had kids since then and started to spread out a bit, my body just isn’t the same 😀

With tankini’s and full body suits on the rise in popularity, what makes you comfortable when you are out on the beach?

George have a lovely range of swimwear for all body types. Here is a pick of my favourite pieces to cover up the tummy (my most body conscious area!)

Asda Swimwear

Polka Dot  Swimsuit / Bobble Trim Cold Shoulder Kaftan / Bodysculpt Bandeau Swimsuit

Do you think there is too much pressure put on us to get that beach body?

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