Fun Time: 3 Mobile Games Prove Simple Is Bes

As a gamer myself, I know that it is not all about honouring the big PC and Xbox franchises. Even the simplest board game can provide hours of fun to us and any players willing to give it a try. This principle drives many developers of mobile games to create titles upon titles that are small but thoroughly entertaining. The range of categories and styles available means that whatever your preferences may be, there are plenty of games to make most of the day’s leisurely moments. The games I have reviewed below are creative and mesmerising examples of games that could only have been designed by people who share our fun-loving attitude.

Source: Pixabay

Puzzle Games

It is amazing how immersive a well-made little puzzle can be, especially when coupled with quality graphics and challenges that encourage you to keep playing and your mind growing. The adorable simplicity of Threes!, for example, developed by Asher Vollmer in 2014, is what gamers find so appealing. Maths is one of those areas that tend to repel rather than attract people, but this app, much like Sudoku, made me look at numbers in a different light. By incorporating them in a fun matching game, fear is replaced with amusement, uncertainty with confidence. That is how Threes! grows on you. Ranging between £5.49 and £5.99 on Google Play and the App Store respectively, it is a treat not to be missed.

Slot Games

I enjoy mixing retro games with modern technology – this combination best brings together my long-lasting past love for gaming with the technological opportunities of today. The top-rated slot game Starburst, for example, has an 80s vibe due to its classic symbols but was only first released in 2012. Accordingly, the graphics, as well as the gameplay itself, are of a high technological standard. The game is simple, quick, colourful and – most importantly – free to play. The slot is offered via the Mr Green app – amongst another 300 wide-ranging slot games. You get the best gaming experience on the iPad (rather than the iPhone), as the former’s display promises vivid and responsive gameplay. The app is easy to navigate, even for new players, and brings as little interference as possible between you and your simple, non-numerical entertainment.

Adventure Games

As one of my favourite genres, there are hundreds of adventure titles to shuffle through before coming across the truly special ones that have stood out for not only me but many gaming fans. Sequel to the 2014 Apple Game of the Year, Monument Valley 2 with its winding puzzle-towers, surreal, geometric design and charming storyline has collected several awards of its own, including Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards in 2017. Available across Android and iOS platforms for a mere £4.99, this series of small but beautiful games continues to enchant every player that ventures into its world, a pleasing combination of modern gaming and art.

I am definitely not the only gamer out here: gamers are everywhere and their demands are increasing with each new game that pushes the boundaries of what entertainment means. The popularity of the games mentioned here, however, shows that a simple experience is often better. A game that overwhelms your senses, not to mention your device, can wear you out before you can notice any redeeming qualities. By comparison, a puzzle with good graphics and controls is valued from the start for its effortlessly fun, even educational, content, as well as the lengths of time it can keep you amused.

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