Get your morning hair under control and still leave time to get the kids breakfast

Looking your best ok, forget best, let’s aim for presentable when you have kids to get ready of a morning is a pretty tough task. The temptation is to forget about it and do the school run sporting a combination of bloodshot eyes, bird’s nest hair and ketchup accessorized clothes. Believe me I know only last week a woman in the post office had to tell me I was wearing a Cheerio in my hair! But there are a few simple beauty tips which can help ease the burden on us mums and help return us towards something akin to our former glory! Good luck putting them in place….

Wash your hair at night

The greatest weapon in a young mum’s arsenal! If you are anything like me, then washing your hair at night is probably just beneath sleeping, sleeping and sleeping on the list of things I want to do, but we’ve got to do it some time and quite frankly the morning is no longer an option. As you are not going to be pampering yourself as much as you used to your hair may be suffering, so when I do get a chance I try and use a dry hair treatment or one of the many shampoos which helps repair damaged hair.

Get your curl on

One thing I cannot stand is sleeping in curlers. Luckily these days I’m so exhausted that I could replace my pillow with a bag of rusty nails and still get to sleep. If you’ve managed to wash your hair in the evening put your curlers into wet hair and in theory when you get up in the morning you’ll have wonderful bouncy curls. In practice you’ll probably just have neck ache. But it’s worth a shot!

It’s all about the eyes

Sleep deprivation is the number one enemy of young mums. Trying to make yourself look like you haven’t been taking part in some sort of endurance record for time spent with eyes open, is the key to our ‘beauty’ regime. One way of doing this is to pay attention to your eyelashes. If you can which you almost certainly can’t whack on some mascara. No need to be too precise it’s the least of your worries. If not, try and spend a second or two holding them in curling tongs. But be warned, my delightful little lad, Jake, decided to aim a remote controlled helicopter at the back of my head the other day and I nearly curled my eye out!

I hope these tips are of some help. It is hard trying to look good when you have a million and one things to get done but feeling good about yourself is important too. I do have lots of other tips I could share but if it’s all the same to you I think I’ll just go and have a quick lie down!

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