Get Your Teens Outside: 4 Fun Activities for 2021

Get Your Teens Outside: 4 Fun Activities for 2021

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Teens are notorious for spending too much time inside on their computers or watching TV. The average teenager spends 4 hours a day on the computer when they should be outside and having fun! To fix this problem, here are four activities that your teen can do in 2021 to help them get out more:

Get Your Teens Outside 4 Fun Activities for 2021

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Try a New Outdoor Sport

As the weather warms up, it’s a great time to try new outdoor sports. Here are five favourites you can do with your teens this summer:

– Archery 

– Kayaking (single or tandem) 

– Skateboarding

– Rock climbing/bouldering 

– Rope courses and zip lines

You can even buy equipment in the form of gifts to motivate your kid to try a new sport. For example, you can try the best gifts for skateboarders to encourage your teen to try out and even flourish in skateboarding.

Bike Five Miles

The perfect way to get teens outside and burn calories is by biking.

Biking burns about 600-800 calories per hour, a substantial amount of weight loss over a week or month. 

Plus, it’s a great exercise that can help teach them healthy habits for life!

It also provides an opportunity to explore local neighbourhoods and meet people they might not have otherwise.

It’s a fun way to travel farther distances than walking, and they can do it on roads with bike lanes separated from cars.

Besides, biking doesn’t need any special equipment other than a bike itself. There are many affordable, fun bikes on the market that will work for teens of all sizes and abilities 

Plan a Picnic at a Local Park

A great way to take your teens outside and get them moving is by planning an outdoor lunch or dinner date! Head on to your neighbourhood park, bring some sandwiches for the group and set up in one of their many shady areas.

It might be tempting to plan this outing during peak heat hours, so make sure you check out the forecast before picking an outdoor venue. If it’s going to be sunny and hot, find someplace with plenty of trees for shade or head over after dinner time when it’ll be cooler.

End the picnic by playing a game of frisbee, badminton or soccer before packing up and heading home!

Camp in the Backyard

Camping is a blast with friends. You’ll need to bring in enough supplies for however long your teen’s party lasts. However,  if you have a large backyard, this should be manageable. 

You can also make sure that everyone brings their sleeping bag and whatever other food they might want to eat for an enjoyable camp. 

The best camping spots are the ones where you can see as far into the sky as possible, so try and find one near a tree line or mountain if you want to impress your teenager’s guests.

Also, ensure everyone is ready or prepared for cold weather by having extra blankets, warmer clothes and a space heater if it gets too chilly.

Remember, camping is an excellent way to teach your kids how to be self-reliant so allow them to have fun because they’re learning from the experience.


The above four tips are some ways you can use to encourage your teenager to relish the outdoors. However, they’re not the only ones you can try. So, please do whatever works in your situation.