Getting Better Quality Sleep As A Parent

What do parents wish for more than anything? Better sleep. As a parent, you’ll likely walk around in a bit of a clouded haze most of the time and wish you could just disappear into a quiet room for a nap. It’s not always easy to get the sleep you need, but when you do you need to make sure that it’s quality sleep that actually refreshes you. While it may not be possible to help you find extra hours in the day, there are some ways you can ensure that sleep you do get is worth it.

Take a look at these top tips and start getting better quality sleep as a parent.

Make sure your bed setup is comfortable

A poor bed setup can make an uncomfortable night’s sleep a regular thing. It’s important that you have a mattress, bedding and lighting that helps you get to sleep easier, with minimal disruption through the night. Some people put off getting a new bed because of the inconvenience of it. Stop putting it off, use the Shiply website to get your old bed picked up and to get a new one delivered. Treat yourself to some new comfy pillows too, and you’ll start enjoying sleep again in no time.

Get active

A good workout can leave you feeling great. Not only will you feel energized after your workout, but burning off that extra energy will make it easier to sleep better at night. It’s difficult to get active with a young family, but you should look to ways you can all enjoy a bit of physical activity to help you all get better quality sleep. A before or after-dinner walk could do you all wonders, so start getting into the habit taking some steps in the evening.

Minimize distractions

Once the kids are in bed, it’s easy to start doing all of the things you don’t have time to do while they’re awake like watch Netflix, browse your phone and more. If you do any of these things too close to your bedtime, you’re going to disrupt your sleep. In the hour before you go to sleep, start winding down and turning off the electronics. While it may be tempting to use your electronics in bed, doing so can detract from what you’re in bed to do in the first place, sleep. Instead of browsing the internet or watching TV in bed, do a bit of reading instead.

Getting enough sleep is important for keeping you sharp and alert as a parent, as well as for work and other things you need energy for day to day. Try to set aside one night of the week where everyone goes to bed an hour earlier; this will help you to get a boost and catch up after some restless nights. Remember that parents are people too, and you need to get enough sleep to protect your health and your sanity. Find ways to improve your sleeping habits and look forward to getting better quality sleep at night.

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