Getting the kids kitted out for summer

I know I keep discussing summer and then it disappears, but it is coming honestly! However, with that comes the whole stress of kitting the kids out for summer!

With both Kayleigh and Ethan having massive growth spurts over the last 6 months, hardly any of their summer clothes still fit and now it is time to start looking at other options. It seems that every time I blink we are having to update their clothes due to a growth spurt!

Kayleigh and Ethan have both got strong opinions on what they like to wear, whether I like their choices or not! OD’s Designer Clothing have a great range of clothing for them both, from shoes to jeans and skirts.

Kayleigh loves quirky designs and this Mayoral Printed comic dress is the perfect outfit for her, with the funky pattern design combined with the girly dress design. It is everything she loves.

Getting the kids kitted out for summer

Ethan on the other hand is quite happy for simple clothing however he is forever wearing random patterned t-shirts with green cargo shorts for example! I’ve giving up trying to change his mind as he is so stubborn it’s not worth the battle.

Either way it is looking like we are planning on doing some more shopping soon. Have you noticed as a parent however how much you spend on kids clothing compared to our own wardrobes?!

Getting the kids kitted out for summer

Other than the few key items of work clothes I’ve just ordered, I can’t remember the last time that Daddy Vs Work and I had some new clothes. We’ve probably got a few bits in the wardrobe that we have had for at least the past 5 years plus.

I have just found over the years I’m getting fussier with clothes, especially being 5ft 9, I find it difficult to find things that I like.

The only thing I am sure of is the fact whilst the kids are still growing at a ridiculous rate, I wont be spending much on our wardrobes anytime soon.

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