Half term at home for the first time

There is one real advantage of having no job at the moment and that is the amount of time I am getting to spend with Kayleigh and Ethan.

Eventually I have to return to work but for now I am grateful for our time together.

This week is the first time I’ve not worked a school half term. Yes I’ve had time off here and there but this week I have the whole week off to do whatever we like.

So we have a little list of things we want to do:

1) Bake – we have cakes and cookies lined up this week so I’m sure we will see some recipes popping up on the blog.

2) Crafting – Kayleigh got lots of crafting kits for her Birthday so we plan to play with them.

3) Autumn Search – Kayleigh’s school sent home a worksheet with autumn items to find and attach to the sheet so we’re off to the park on a little adventure then home for some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

4) snuggles on the sofa – some times life just needs to stop so we intend to make the most of snuggles on the sofa with a good movie.

I’m making the most of all the time I have and planning lots of fun little things with Kayleigh and Ethan. They grow up too quick and I’ve been given the chance to capture a little bit more time with them so I intend to grab it with both hands!

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