Head out on adventures with the Brave Bone Club!

We are teaming up with The Brave Bones Club, an initiative championed by Cheestrings & Yollies and in the coming months will be heading out on our adventures to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

However, before we do that we wanted to share a competition that they are currently running for your little one to have the chance of winning four days of mini-adventures with Celebrity Adventurer Steve Backshall. More on the prize itself on the video below :

The prize is opened to boys and girls and the mini-adventure winners will be filmed and help create five online videos with how-to tips and trick which will be published throughout the school holiday so their chance to become their own little adventure series caught on film!

As for our adventure, I think the only thing for it is a trip to Ashridge Estate and a trek through the woods. Now that Kayleigh and Ethan are getting a bit bigger it means our walks can get a little bit longer and more adventurous as they are loving being able to choose where we walk, climbing up hills, climbing trees and Ethan’s all-time favourite of collecting twigs or the biggest stick he can carry. You can really lose yourself in the great outdoors there for hours and is worth it for the fresh air and exercise we all get!

Ashridge Estate Ashridge Estate Ashridge Estate

Where would you go as a family for your outdoor adventure?

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