Help BEAR to help the WWF

This month has seen BEAR turn 5! Hooray, happy birthday BEAR!

However as lovely as BEAR are, they are using their birthday to help others.

For the next two months all special WWF Paw packets sold BEAR will then donate to WWF with 5p for single packs and 25p for multi packs to WWF to help protect the worlds most endangered animals. With 6 out of 8 species of bears endangered its easy to see why BEAR want to help!

On the front of pack, four of the world’s threatened bears will be making a special appearance; look out for Spectacled, Polar, Sloth and Panda bears appearing on the packs from September to November. As well as raising donations for WWF, the campaign sets out to help engage and educate kids about the world’s amazing creatures with a special map and stickers that highlights where they live and what makes them unique

BEAR’s founder, Hayley Gait Golding, says: “BEAR started because we wanted to help people get back to nature – both in terms of the food that they were eating, but also in getting them really excited about the world around them. Working with a partner as special as WWF is a real privilege. Together we want to help get young children really engaged with these magical animals – about where they live and what makes them unique- and for them to feel excited that they have made a difference.
So next time you pick up some BEAR products in your local store, make sure you get the special packs and do your part to help the WWF.

Also to celebrate their birthday we received a little party bundle from BEAR. BEAR BEAR BEAR

All our yummy BEAR treats have been eaten and Kayleigh and Ethan loved their party bags!

Thank you BEAR 🙂

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