House organisation hacks for 2015

The New Year is always a wonderful time for new resolutions, and good intentions. The difficulty occurs around February or March when you realise that you have set your ambitions too high, and your projects are doomed to failure until the following year. You need a plan that you can stick too.

Start the year with a clean up

Nothing makes a house look worse then discarded heaps of neglected belongings, just hanging around the home in abandoned corners. If you want to start 2015 with an organisational bang, then engage in a constructive clear out. If you have a family, try to get everyone on board, bribe them with the promise of a treat if they combine forces and help you. Make three piles, goods that you want to keep, objects that must be thrown away and some objects that you could put in a Kelly Store until you need to use them. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your house will look after this exercise.

Invest in containers

As a society we accumulate possessions, many of which are difficult to store neatly. There are a number of clever storage ideas around that will help you in your bid to organise your home. An article in The Guardian suggests that you could always convert a muffin tray filled with brightly coloured plastic cups into a storage container for loose pens, paperclips and other office necessities.

Shoes can always be difficult to store, and unless you have a purpose built wardrobe, you may find that one shoe is under the bed and the other in the bathroom. In order to keep your shoes stored neatly, invest in a plastic container with pockets for your shoes that can be hung on the back of your door, or inside your wardrobe.

Children’s toys are messy

Kid’s toys often tend to lead a life of their own. Teddy bears and stuffed toys may be inanimate objects, but the frequency with which they manage to end up in every room in the house might lead you to believe otherwise. Ghostly movements not withstanding, you can always approach your greengrocer and ask for some old wooden fruit boxes. These can be painted and used to store your kid’s toys. Make a design feature from these accessories and construct an alternative shelving system from them.

Use your walls

One of the easiest ways of organising your home is to make sure that your belongings are in the right rooms. You don’t want cosmetics and make up in the kitchen, and dirty laundry shouldn’t be left on the bathroom floor. The magazine House and Garden suggests that you can use your walls for additional storage space.

Shelving is always useful. If you are going to store stuff under your bed, place it in brightly coloured containers that are marked, so you’ll always be aware of their contents. If you stick to these simple ideas your home will soon look tidier and you’ll be able to stick to your organisation resolutions throughout 2015.

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