How I’m getting on with Slimming World online – review

A few weeks back I signed up to Slimming world online. After a few lockdowns, homeschooling and work, the pounds have started to creep on. Now I hadn’t ballooned out, however, my clothes were getting unbearable tight and I had started to become uncomfortable in my own skin. I’m not driven by slimming ads or other peoples opinions when it comes to my weight, however, when I am uncomfortable at the weight I am at or how my clothes are fitting, I know that is the time to look at my weight.

So, I took the plunge and signed up and so did Daddy Vs Work. Together we got stuck in and straight on the plan. We have both signed up for the online version, which gives you a similar package to that of the actual classes, without having to leave the house. For me, the key thing with the online subscription that I really wanted to get was the app. This allows me to track not only how I’m doing but also scan and track what I am eating. Just being able to scan barcodes on food has made the whole process so simple to stick to.

How I'm getting on with Slimming World online

Before you would need to search what you were eating, make sure it was the right size for the product you had before you were able to syn the food. If you have never tried Slimming World, let me try and explain it to you.

Slimming World basics –

On Slimming World, there are some key terms you will want to know. These are the following:

  • HexA – These are your healthy A options. They include your dairy items such as milk and cheese etc. You get 2 HexA a day, though this does not include all dairy products, some of these cost sync. When you sign up you will be told which items are part of your HexA plus how much you can have of them per serving.
  • HexB – This is your fibre option, so most people use it for their wholemeal bread. I personally use mine to have Alpen Light bars as I can have 2 per serving and it feels like a treat during the day.
  • Syns – You will be allocated a number of syns a day, for most people it will be 15 but it can vary from 10 -15. This is basically like currency for food that is not either free or one of your Hex. I like to save my syns for later in the day so I can enjoy treats in the evening however, you can use them however you like. you can make meals more of a treat using syns, save them for a glass of wine or use them for a bar of chocolate. They are yours to enjoy!
  • Free food – Anything listed as free food simply means it’s free. You can eat as much or as little of that as you like, This means that when you get peckish, you can reach for these rather than the things you really shouldn’t be eating.
  • Speed food  – Now this is the food group you want to be eating the most of. They burn more calories than you actually consume, so pile your plate high!

This really is the basics to Slimming World. Now of course, in an ideal world you will pile your plate with speed food and free food and the pounds will fall off. However, if like me you love your food, it is about finding that balance between what you should be eating and what you really would like to be eating.

I am now on week 6 of the plan and have hit my stride. I don’t find the whole plan that difficult now and has been enjoying all our meals. I know for many that changing food habits can be tough, I have never lasted longer than a few days on a diet however this is different. It almost feels as though I am not on a diet, it is more of a lifestyle change.

Over the last week, I have also started to add more exercise into my daily routine. Not loads, I will never be one to step into a gym. I have purchased the Ring Fit for Nintendo Switch and I have loved it. Over the last few weeks, the workouts have worked up a sweat but have been enjoyable too. It is about finding what works best for you.

How much does Slimming World online cost?

If you are thinking of joining Slimming World, either online or in-person you will still need to pay a membership. This is done first as a 3 month upfront cost, so bear this in mind if you are thinking of joining as you will want to commit for the first 3 months or you will be wasting your money.

The cost for the online membership is broken out into 3 bands, bronze, silver and gold. Now there are a few differences between the bands and it will all depend on what you are looking to get from it. Each band gives you access to their app, which for me is the key thing, you are able to not only track what you eat but scan the food you are eating for the syn values. Here is the perks you get for each package and current prices.

  • Bronze (£60 for 3 months) – Access to the app and their website where you will find recipes, ideas and a community to cheer you along.
  • Silver (£65 for 3 months) – As above but you get a years subscription to the Slimming World magazine (7 issues).
  • Gold (£80 for 3 months)  – You get all the features above plus some of the Slimming World books to get you started such as body magic and food optimisation.

I personally buy just the Bronze package as I already have the books and would not read the magazines but if you are just starting out you may find the gold package useful for your first few months.

Is there a Slimming World online discount code?

As with most things, you are able to save yourself a few pounds with Slimming World online. A simple google search will give you a whole host of offers deals on at the time you are purchasing. I managed to get my new subscription for £40 for the first few months.

Using the Slimming World online app

I’ll be honest, the app is why I pay my subscription. It just makes things so much easier to track and helps me stay on track.

The app itself is pretty simple to use, there is a section to weigh in on, a recipe section, a community section and the planner. Other than the weigh in on a Monday, I use the planner section the most. In here you can add what you have eaten, scan barcodes to find out syns of items and even search for things such as takeaway syns etc.

It is very rare that I haven’t been able to find syns of something I have eaten. Another great feature is the fact if you are using a Slimming World recipe, you are able to add it straight to you planner, without the need to add individual ingredients.

Overall the app is super simple to use and track what you are eating on a day to do basis.

Slimming world recipes

Online as part of your plan, there are hundreds, if not thousands of recipes. But also online you are able to find some delicious recipes to enjoy, here are some of my favourites go-to Slimming Worlds recipes.

There are so many options for dinners that I try and keep my syn count low ready for a few treats.

How I'm getting on with Slimming World online

Slimming world lunch ideas

The one thing I have really struggled with in the past when I am trying to lose weight has been my lunch ideas. Work is busy and there is only a microwave to warm up my lunch. With this in mind I tend to stick with some super simple ideas like the following:

I still have a long way to go on my Slimming World journey but I will be updating you more on how I have been getting on and the best ideas we have come across for dinner and much more. If you are on Slimming World, I’d love to hear your tips and favourite recipes in the comments below.

How I'm getting on with Slimming World online

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