How Stay at Home Moms can Earn Money Online Legitimately

The internet is a legitimate place to earn if you know how to use it. For stay at home moms there are quite a few opportunities you can try out.

Online Freelance Platforms

You can sign up on the numerous online platforms and offer your services for a fee. For example, one of the biggest freelance marketplaces Fiverr can help you earn anything from $5 to $10k for completed projects.

The concept is really simple. You market your special skills and offer your services as a professional like a graphic designer, software developer, business consultant, editor and various other roles.

If you think you don’t have specific skills, then you can try out jobs like proofreading, giving voice over to videos, creating video testimonials or just by getting yourself clicked holding a sign of a brand!

Writing blogs and articles is also very popular with stay at home moms on Fiverr. The platform charges 20% from every project so you earn $4 out of a $5 work. You can also increase your rates or work more to get an attractive earning at the end of the week.

Try out sites like

If you are from the U.S, Canada or Australia and Ireland you can try this site to make some quick money. However, do note that you need to be a first language speaker of English and pass a screening test.

Once you are accepted, there are a fair few writing assignments to choose from anytime, and to make money writing for other businesses easily.

On the other end there are sites like UpWork. If you want to work professionally and make money it is a good choice. And it can help you get paid weekly right into your bank account. You could either test this as a way to make money part time or as your full time career option itself.

Have Fun and Earn!

Feeling extra-lucky? You might also try fun ways to earn like playing games at an online casino. You can start out low and try your luck at some exciting new casino games. You could play different games easily – it doesn’t matter what game you like as online casinos are sure to have it.

The popular favorite of course remains the slots, and online slots are so many. Some even have their own rules, so you might want to check in on that.

This is definitely not for everyone, but there is still some chance to win big if you get lucky and hit the jackpot.

Earn from Ecommerce Portals

Do you know you can sell stuff right from your home on sites like eBay and Amazon?

Both of them are leading names in the online shopping business and can give you access to thousands of customers. You can sell anything and everything starting from art work and junk jewelry to branded products for a profit.

Some moms also source products from warehouses and local suppliers and sell online. You need to sign up as a seller and upload the pictures and description of your products – and the ecommerce platform will do the rest!

Affiliate Programs

If you have a blog or have a website, then affiliate programs are a great way to earn without actually doing anything.

Companies like Amazon pay others when they bring them business. You just need to host the links they provide on your blog and when anyone follows it to make a purchase, you get paid.

For example, Amazon Affiliate program offers 4% of the sale value for every customer you redirect to them.

These are just a small number of ways to increase your monthly earnings and make the most out of your free time at home. Enjoy!

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