How to Child Proof Your Garden for Summer

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The garden is a great place for children to play, explore and learn, but only if it’s a safe and secure environment for them. With that said, it’s worth considering how you can potentially improve your garden before the summer holidays, so that it’s ready for your child to have some fun. The harsh winter weather can take its toll on our gardens, so there may be some repair work you need to do before it can be a safe environment for little ones.

Secure the Premises 

Most traditional garden fencing is made to last, but there will come a time when you might need to replace some panels or install a new fence all together. Check your fence panels and gate regularly to ensure they are secure because if they have managed to come loose during winter, your child might be able to escape and run out onto the road.

Eliminate Risks 

Put way any sharp objects and cut back (or dig out) any thorn bushes so that your child has limited opportunity to hurt themselves. This applies to your dangerous garden tools too; they should be locked away so that your child can’t get hold of them. It’s also wise to check the overhanging trees for things like poisonous berries.

Consider Laying Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass provides many benefits, particularly for those with dogs and children. It’s more forgiving than paving stones or gravel, so if your child falls over on it, they are less likely to hurt themselves. What’s more, you’ll remove the possibility of having muddy footprints through your home or grass stained clothes.

Install a Sunken Trampoline 

If you’re worried about your child falling off their trampoline, you might want to consider sinking it into the ground as opposed to having it free standing. This will also stop it from blowing away or falling over in stormy weather. Before you start digging, make sure that the trampoline will be a safe distance away from any sheds, fences, or other possible hazards.

Build a Playhouse 

Playhouses provide children with hours of entertainment, and if you have the time and DIY skills, you could consider building it yourself from scratch. Perspex or safety glass are your safest options when it comes to the windows, and you will need to make sure the structure is built on a stable foundation, like concrete or decking.

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