How to help protect pre-teen’s teeth with new Aquafresh Advance 9-12

With Kayleigh (and soon to be Ethan) moving into their pre-teens, they both have lots of adult teeth either through or on the way through.

I don’t have the greatest teeth, so since they were both young I have been making sure they take the time out to look after their teeth.

Although the dentist is very impressed with how they look after their teeth, what I didn’t realise was that the permanent teeth that are arriving has softer enamel and is 50% more vulnerable to sugar acid. It can take up to three years for the teeth to reach their full strength.

With this in mind, it is even more important that they take the time to ensure they look after their teeth whilst they grow to full strength.

Aquafresh have specially designed a new toothpaste with the help of dental experts especially to help protect teeth as they toughen up.

The new Aquafresh Advance 9-12 toothpaste is aimed at children aged 9-12, with a funky design to capture kids attention however parents don’t need to worry either as it comes with 6 key benefits for too:

• Healthy gums
• Cavity prevention
• Enamel protection
• Gentle on teeth
• Fights plaque
• Cleans in-between gaps and spaces.

They also have a toothbrush which accompanies the toothpaste. This has a small head for growing teeth, with mixed length soft bristles, perfect for looking after those teeth!

Kayleigh has been giving this a try over the past week and has really liked it. She doesn’t mind brushing her teeth really however she has loved having her “own” toothpaste. The flavouring is quiet mild so she didn’t mind this.

How to help protect pre-teen’s teeth with new Aquafresh Advance 9-12 How to help protect pre-teen’s teeth with new Aquafresh Advance 9-12

I asked her how her teeth felt after brushing them and she said squeaky clean so that is a big thumbs up!

If you have a pre-teen and are facing the dreaded teeth battles start with this Aquafresh Advance 9-12. Perfect for their teeth and one less thing to be worrying about as they grow up! This is avaible at Boots and other retailers for a RRP £2.00

Also Aquafresh have just launched the Aquafresh Inventors Academy competition to help make brush time more fun and reinforce the importance of having healthy teeth.

They are challenging children to come up with a fun and creative bathroom accessory to make brushing more fun and enforce the importance of it.

The winning invention will actually be created by Dominic Wilcox, Chief Inventor at Little Inventors and the lucky winner will win a class sleepover at the Science Museum on 6th July 2018 and up to £1000 worth of equipment for their school!

Just visit and upload a picture of your child’s invention or innovative idea.

This post is in collaboration with Aquafresh, as well as being gifted the items I also received financial compensation for my time however all thoughts are my own

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