How to Make your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

Life is hectic. Combining work and a family life isn’t easy and often means you have little time to yourself to relax and unwind. For some, simply having a home that is clean, bright and spacious can help to make their life seem more stress-free. That’s because by creating an inviting and organised home environment you immediately feel more relaxed and calm.

It might be a cliché that as soon as you have children you can say goodbye to being house proud, but there is also some truth behind it – toys scattered across the living room floor aren’t exactly going make it onto the pages of House & Garden, is it? There are, however, some simple ways of making your home look bigger, brighter and more relaxing.

Good storage is the key to having a liveable home space with children. There are now so many storage solutions available to suit many budgets and homes that you are bound to find something that is both practical and attractive.

Once you’ve got your storage make sure you use it and declutter. Try and teach your children from an early age to put away their toys after playing, and make sure you set a good example by clearing away any mess you make – piles of ironing, unwashed dishes, and paperwork are only going to sit there making you feel more stressed.

Natural light
Windows are the key to making a home look bigger and brighter. Not only does natural light instantly make rooms feel more spacious, but they are especially important in areas that are traditionally small and dimly light. Always make sure that your windows let in as much natural light as possible and even consider adding skylights to darker rooms if practical.

As well as this, try adding reflective surfaces that will enhance the natural light coming into a room. A word of warning about mirrors though – if your room is cluttered they will only reflect the mess, so make sure that they are only used in areas that largely remain clutter-free.

Colour scheme
Although the fashion is magnolia walls is now at an end, there are still ways of using your colour scheme to help make your rooms look more spacious. Try using colours that are light and bright – think yellows, light greens and blues and even coral and pink. If you cannot face a room with too much colour then consider just painting a feature wall a strong, vibrant colour, just remember to keep the rest of the walls neutral.

Think vertically
A great way of making use of the space you have is by thinking vertically as well as horizontally. Floor to ceiling bookshelves are a great way of drawing attention upwards, while also providing some great storage space.

When buying furniture and accessories keep in mind your room’s proportions. If you have a very large room then buy large furniture and television to match. On the other hand if your rooms are small, your furniture should be smaller as well. Nothing can make a small room look even more cramped and cluttered than one full of oversized furniture.

Guest post written by Derin Clark, a writer, editor and blogger

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