How to use emails and social media to your advantage when blogging

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Lots of people are looking to start a blog and online social media these days. For some it is to do with tracking their lives for others it is a way to make money.

Afterall there is so much around about making money from a blog, why not give it a try.

The truth of it is though, starting the blog is the easy bit, maintaining it and building it is the hard bit.

I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years and there has been lots of ups and downs. Sometimes I’ve taken a break other time the whole shift in what you can and can’t do has completely baffled me. but I still plod on. Lot’s has changed since I started though and social media and the importance of email marketing is one of them.

I am not confident in my email strategy at all and currently, my approach to dealing with that is to just not do it at all. I have the email list but I never email my subscribers at the minute! Going forward though I would like to use this a little better and these tips below are a great way to get you started but also the stats are quick amazing really with 73% of millennials preferring to connect with brands via email, I am missing what could be a huge section of traffic for me. One thing that has worked well for me over the last year or so though has been Pinterest, you can read more on how that has worked for me here. Fiona at Savvy in Somerset has also written a great post on social media tips for bloggers here. As blogging changes over the years to come I am sure things such as blogging apps for each blog are going to start breaking through for some bloggers, especially foodies! If this would be the way forward I would most definately be looking at getting a proffesional company of app developers to help me along with this.

Here is the full infographic for your reference.

How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media - Infographic by Campaign MonitorSource: How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media by Campaign Monitor

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