*Review* Huggies Little Swimmers

After are trip with Huggies to Disney HQ to see the screening of Winnie the Pooh, Huggies got in touch again to see whether i take either children swimming.

Now to be honest i haven’t taken Kayleigh since she was a baby and Ethan has not been swimming at all, its bad i know but the swimming pools around here are not in the best condition. They are however building a new aquatics centre here which we are all looking forward to.

We were in fact actually going away though and planned to make the most of the new swimming pool at the camp site we we’re going too. Kayleigh & Ethan were both excited to be heading to the pool and Huggies we’re kind enough to send us a pack of their Little Swimmers nappies for Ethan to use.

The swimming nappies are brightly designed with either Nemo or Winnie the Pooh on them which made them an instant hit with Ethan!

 So we got our swimming gear on and off we headed to the pool!

It was great watching both children develop confidence in the water. When we arrived neither wanted to be put down, by the time we went to leave neither wanted to go!

Ethan was so relaxed he fell asleep in his chair, shame i couldn’t have my camera!

The Huggies swimming nappies were fantastic. Ethan went to the loo both times whilst he was in the pool but the nappies were great at keeping that all in & were simple to just change when we got back out of the pool. The great thing is they didn’t swell in the water like normal nappies would

We have some left which i am keeping handy ready for our next trip to the pool!

For more information on Huggies and all their products head to their site here

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