I hate the summer!

Yep you heard me right, I hate the summer.

  • I hate dropping the kids off in the glorious sunshine then heading off to work.
  • I hate seeing them having loads of fun without me in the garden!
  • I hate sitting at a desk looking out the window at the blue sky (made worse working at the airport seeing planes taking people off on holiday and I can’t afford to have one!)
  • I hate hearing the ice cream van pull up outside work everyday knowing a 99 is now more like a £1.99!
  • I hate getting in the car after work and its like an oven where the sun has been on it all day.
  • I hate getting home and only having a few hours with the kids in the sunshine before they are ready for bed.

Its ok though, I’m either going to do really well with my new shop or I’m going to win the Euro’s tonight and quit work! Bah Humbug Summer!

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