*Review* Just 4 Bums Nappy

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As many of you probably know we guest post for Kiddicare on their blog once a week. When they launched the new Just 4 Bums nappies they kindly send us a box to try and review.

I wont tell porkies, I admit I was a bit sceptical about these. Since having children I have stuck to the 2 big brands when it comes to nappies. Huggies for the newborn, pull ups & little swimmers then Pampers for all in between.

Maybe it was a bit of nappy snobbery I’m not sure, I did once try the supermarket own brand but they were awful and I never went back.

So when I buy Ethan’s nappies i usually buy 2 boxes from Asda’s for £20 that is about 110 nappies. These Just 4 Bums are £19.99 for 150 nappies so that then put another doubt into my mind, does cheaper = poorer quality.

I have been using these nappies for almost a month now and I have so say I am so impressed! These are possibly the BEST nappies I have ever used! Yes they are cheaper but that doesn’t stop the quality.

Since using these we’ve had no exploding leaky nappies, they are super absorbent and have not caused Ethan to have any nappy rash. The one thing I really like is that they are higher at the front and back compared to the big brands, this means they sit better on him when he’s running riot around the house.

Also with Just 4 Bums if you have any spare white packets of nappies unopened you can return them to Kiddicare for a refund – check out the details of that here.

At £19.99 for 150 nappies this is great value and they deliver to your door – if you spend over £30 they deliver for free so you could stock up and have 2 packets delivered with free delivery charge.

Would I recommend them? Most defiantly, which is why I am shouting about them on here. Would I say they are the best on the market? In my opinion yes, the best nappies I’ve ever used!


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