Let’s Dine-In: Elevated Takeout Dishes for a Romantic Dinner for Two


Whether you’re newlywed or simply want to have a nice meal with your significant other, dinner dates can play a big part in keeping the romance and love alive in a relationship. Fortunately, having a romantic dinner doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does it have to involve going to the swankiest restaurant in town. In fact, a romantic dinner for two can be just as easy as ordering takeout as there are plenty of ways to make a takeaway dining experience more elevated than eating out of plastic containers.

So bust out those romantic French films and start eating! Here are a few ways to turn an everyday takeout into a romantic dinner for two:



With the variety of takeaway menus available today, there is no shortage of appetisers to choose from. But while fried egg rolls or dumplings may be a delicious choice any day, a romantic dinner should call for something lighter and more delicate than fried food.

If you’re ordering Chinese takeaway, steamed appetisers like edamame, stir-fried vegetable lettuce parcels or chicken satay are just some of the tasty starters available. Items like deep-fried smoked shredded chicken or curry chips usually contain a lot of oil, which can become an undesirable mess.

Indian takeaway food also has some amazing appetizers to get your romantic dinner for two started. Prawn puri, momo, and Tandoori salmon are some of the lighter small plates available on many Indian takeaway menus like Roehampton Tandoori Grill, Masala Zone, Guru Express and many others.

On a more casual night, fried appetisers are often a favourite for many households. But if you’re planning on spending more time closer with your date for the night, then stick to steamed or sautéed dishes to avoid any unexpected upset stomachs.

The Main Course

Because romantic dinners tend to be on the lighter side, chicken, seafood and other lean meats are the best way to go. Of course, there are plenty of vegetarian entrees on takeout menus as well for those who prefer not to eat meat, like side salads. However, beware of dishes that are prepared heavily with garlic and onion as these ingredients can make you feel (and smell) less than romantic. In addition, dishes that contain cream like fettucine alfredo may cause unwanted bloating.

Forget Panda Express. Chinese takeaway menus offer a very wide range of chicken dishes that are wonderfully marinated and contain a high amount of vegetables. Items like cashew chicken and chicken with wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots are great dishes for those romantic nights as they’re on the lighter, full of flavour and beautiful in colour. Pork, lamb, and beef are also offered on Chinese menus, but consider sharing these dishes with your date as they can leave you feeling heavy after eating.


Indian food offers a lot of lighter dishes as well when you’re looking for the perfect romantic takeout dinner. Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine, but many Indian takeout menus offer other signature dishes that may not be available at every restaurant. With Hungry House, it’s easy to search from a variety of Indian takeout menus that deliver to your area and find dishes that both you and your date will love.

If you decide to order from an Italian restaurant, pizza may be a delicious go-to option, but not the most romantic of main courses. Stick with easy-to-eat foods like ravioli and gnocchi as these kinds of dishes contain bite-size pieces that won’t create a mess while eating.

The Perfect Night

When it comes to choreographing a romantic night in for two, it doesn’t need to be extravagant in order to make it memorable. When you have good food and even better company, you can create a romantic night in for two every day!

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