*Review* Little Pinkies

The last item to review before it goes into our gift guide is a fingerprint charm from Little Pinkies.

Little Pinkies are an online company that specialise in finger print jewellery, from charms, pendants, cufflinks and much more. They also do artwork jewellery so that special piece your little one does can be treasured forever!

We received our kit to take the our prints and I was surprised. I was expecting a messy ink kit with black ink but it wasnt.

It is simply a “magic wipe” as Kayleigh has named it and the paper to put our prints on. This makes it very simple with 2 children, minimal mess!

We played with our inking kit for a while till we filled our paper up completely!

Then its simple. You just pop it back into the pre-paid envelope and send it back to Little Pinkies then wait or it to return.

Ours took less than a week to arrive back and all i can say is wow!

The sterling silver charm we received had Kayleigh’s hand print and the letter K on one side and the other side is Ethan’s hand print and the letter E. This would look stunning on either a necklace or a bracelet. I’m planning on getting a new bracelet for this to take pride of place on.


I love this so much and I think if any mum was to wake up on Christmas morning to find one of these under their tree they would be so proud to show it off!

Watch out for this appearing in our gift guide this weekend, complete with special offer!

If you can’t wait that long just head to the website here for more details and pictures, plus how to order!

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