Living Room Styling For Summer 2020

Living Room Styling For Summer 2020

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After months and months of nationwide lockdown, restrictions on what we can and can’t do are finally being lifted, part of this is that we can now have houseguests come to visit our homes (providing you socially distance). So as you may be making plans to have some friends come over, you might want to touch up your interior décor in your living room after spending 4 moths staring at your walls.

When it comes to changing your decoration in your living room, you’ll want to catch up to the latest style trends to maximise the ‘wow factor’ when you have friends or family over to visit, so we’ve collected some of the best up and coming design trends for living rooms.

Biophilic Design

Now, it’s likely you’ve never heard of Biophillic design before, that’s because as a style trend it’s relatively new. Biophillic design is a design concept that revolves around connecting the occupant to nature and bringing in natural elements to the home. So this means bringing elements of nature into the home with plants, natural light, etc.

While some biophilic elements require a lot of work to implement, you should focus on more accessible changes to your home to get the biophilic style, so repainting walls in natural earthy colours, getting houseplants, having furnishings made from natural material and hanging artwork of natural spaces.

It’s also been found that biophilic design has various benefits to occupants, studies have shown that biophillic and nature-centric home design can improve mental health, reduce stress and increase the air quality in the home.

Embrace Stripes

Stripes have been a part of interior design pretty much since people started decorating their homes to be aesthetically pleasing. Stripes look good it’s as simple as that and they’re also very versatile, a room painted with thick black and white stripes will look sleek and stylish, whereas multiple thin stripes of different colours will bring brightness into a room and evoke the feel of a classic beach hut. So when choosing your stripes, think what size and colour stripes you’d want as they change the general vibe and feel of a room.

When it comes to putting stripes into your living room, your mind probably goes straight to stripy painted walls, but there is so much more you can do, day and night blinds are a perfect stripy addition, stripy rugs and cushions will also add lovely stripes to a room without you committing any major room changes or if you’re more DIY inclined, painting a wooden coffee table or TV unit with stripes is an excellent choice.

Living Room Styling For Summer 2020

Let Colours Shine Bright

At the moment things in the world are quite dark, so you can turn your living room into a stylish refuge from the general darkness of 2020 by adding bright colour to your living room. Research shows bright colours improve your mood so adding some bright highlights into your living room can make you feel happier in your day to day life.

Before you make any changes, you’ll want to think of a colour palette to work with and try to avoid colour clashes (We’ve all heard the phrase ‘red with green must never be seen’), good pallets to choose from would: be blues and yellows; hot colours like red, orange and yellow; cold colours like blue, purple and green; or just choose one colour with different shades.

When it comes to adding colour to your living room, you can go big and repaint the room, or choose the easier (and cheaper) option and just accessories your living room with bright colours. Great accessories for adding colour include: cushions, sofa throws, blankets and house plants.

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