*Review* Liz Earle

The very lovely Liz Earle got in touch after our review of their Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser offering us the chance to try the next 2 steps of their range. I honestly was so impressed with the Cleanse & Polish that I jumped at the chance!

So the next two steps to skin heaven after using the Cleanse & Polish is firstly the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Now this comes in 2 forms, you can either use it in a bottle simply wiping it over your face with a clean cotton wool pad or you can get the spritzer version (which is the one I went for) where you just spray it over your face and a fine mist instantly refreshes your skin.

Next up is the Skin Repair moisturizer, this comes in a selection of different skin types so you can select the one most suitable to your skin type enabling it to help repair your skin the best it can. This moisturizer itself isn’t greasy and rubs into your face and neck very easily.

These 3 products from Liz Earle are the whole of my beauty regime. My little bit of luxury for me. I honestly love this range as does a huge bunch of my friends from a baby forum. I’ve found since using these products my skin looks and feels so much better. Even with sensitive skin this hydrates my skin without causing it to become inflamed and irritated.

If your going to treat yourself to a small selection of beauty products i promise you that this range will not disappoint you. It may be a little more expensive that then high street brands but the quality is clear to see and the products go a lot further than any other brand I’ve known of!

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