Making the most of family time

Time is precious, we are always rushing around doing one thing or another so finding time to just sit down as a family is really important to us.

This year we are trying more and more to make Friday night a family night and Kayleigh and Ethan’s all time favourite thing to do is a movie night. With the costs of going to the cinema as a family soaring we do it the home edition.

We order in a pizza and then all settle down on the sofa to watch a film, curtains closed, lights dimmed and surround sound on to give it the full movie effect.

In the last 12 months we’ve worked our way through the entire Star Wars series, full Harry Potter collection and just about to finish the X-Men collection. Along with lots of other great films like Goosebumps and Captain America.

Thankfully the times have moved on since I was little and its no longer a trip to blockbuster for a 2 day hire of a film. Now any film you want to watch is pretty much at the touch of the button whether it be via the TV or streaming from our iPad’s everything is so much more accessible. It also gives you a wide range to pick from depending on what you may be in the mood to watch.

When a new release comes out we tend to watch it via the box office on TV as with most films you don’t tend to watch them more than once so it works out cheaper for us too rather than buying them on Blu Ray. We also stream a lot of the latest TV programs to make sure we don’t miss an episode as there is nothing worse than missing one show and trying to catch up!

Last Friday our movie night was boosted by a gorgeous bundle of goodies Contact Numbers. If you are looking for some film inspiration, Contact Numbers have just released their top 10 films and tv shows to stream this Autumn.

With the winter months coming in we will probably be found snuggled under the blanket watching a good movie. Then when Christmas arrives it will be Christmas movies under the twinkling lights of the tree as the movie channels turn Christmas themed for the month.

What is your favourite film or tv series at the moment? We’ve still not watched Game Of Thrones… I know we are behind times!

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