*Review* Mia Tui

Lets face it, for most of us we are either a shoe or a bag kinda girl? Me? I’m a bag girl through and through, being 5ft 9″ shoes were never really my thing. There was a stage where I went through loads of bags, but since having the children I have literally moved from one to the next as they went to bag heaven.

So after a little chat with Charlotte at Mia Tui (who is lovely I have to say!) she agreed to send me one of her fantastic bags to review and add to the mum’s gift guide.

This was the rather lovely package that arrived in the post!

As you can see its rather gorgeous! This is the Mia Tui Grace bag in Chocolate with a pink interior – See it here! This bag also comes in black and purple croc and then in red and tan in canvas.

To be completely honest with you I love this bag so much I don’t know where to start!

Ok lets start with the exterior, the one I received is a chocolate leather but they do come in canvas too 🙂 As you can see (just in my picture) it comes with a shoulder strap plus an additional strap so you can turn it into cross body strap.

The interior is where it gets very exciting: (I assure you it is pink interior just poor lighting in my living room!)

As you can see the interior comes with lots of little pockets and storage solutions. If your anything like me I was forever losing things no matter how small the bag was! Now I have no excuse.

There is a pocket for your phone, a drink holder, pen holders and two slightly bigger pockets, leaving the main part of the bag clear. Also in the bag is a matching clutch bag which fits comfortably into the bigger pockets, this is fantastic for holding those more personal things (you know the ones I mean ladies!) but my favourite feature of all? Its got to be the key clip! It’s on a little bit of elastic which means no more lost keys at the bottom of my bag.

This bag is also more than big enough if you didn’t need to take your changing bag but needed a few supplies you could fit them in here too but for me this is a little bit of a “me” product. Something I can enjoy!

I’ve had so many fantastic comments asking where the bag has come from and telling me how great it looks. Even my mother in law loves it, guess whats on the short list for her christmas present!

You can find out more about Mia Tui on their site here (and make your purchase there too!) plus they also have a blog here where you can find out more about how the brand came about and what their up to and a facebook page here so do pop over and say hello!

This is one of the best bags I have ever had the chance to own, I simply love it and I’m certain if you purchase one you will not be disappointed!

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