Mixing up the magic of kids playdates with Petits Filous & Brit Mums

Kids have the best imagination, there is no doubt about that but sometimes they need a little help in the right direction.

The best way we’ve found to keep their imagination going strong and the fun never ending is to mix it up with a variety of different activities that they love doing in small doses and spreading them across the whole week. They are great not only for your own children but also if they have a friend around playing to.

  1. Arts and crafts – Even if you are not the most artistic (if you read the post before this you will see I have no crafting or decoration skills when it comes to cakes!) there is lots of fun that can be had. You can start with just a bit of drawing or painting if you want something simple. If your little ones love being creative though they might enjoy junk crafting. Kayleigh has spent the afternoon with a pair of safety scissors, empty boxes and sellotape creating all sorts of things. Even if this scares you a little Baker Ross have a wide range of craft kits with everything cut and most sticky back to make it the really easy way to craft 🙂
  2. Outdoor fun – Now the sunshine is back (sort of!) heading out into the garden is top of the list for Kayleigh and Ethan. Our garden isn’t huge but enough space for a bit of football or scooting around. Then there is the fun to be had with bubbles or water pistols.
  3. Movie Fun – Ok I know you are probably wondering how this makes for a great activity to help their imagination but trust me the right film and they become their favourite character for hours of fun (Frozen anyone?). Ethan’s latest film favourite is the Star Wars and he is always running around with a pretend lightsabre!

 We have been trying out the Petit Filous Magic Squares as our deserts this week (Ethan has been poorly but its ok Kayleigh has been eating his share too!) The Magic Squares are a new range that comes in two flavours, strawberry & Vanilla and raspberry and vanilla favour. Both flavours are full of calcium and vitamin D which help to bring stronger bones.

These have been a big hit in our household and firm favourite of Kayleigh, who is a mix-up eater, loves to mix hers before eating. How do you eat yours?

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