*Review* Mookie Scramblebug

We were kindly offered the chance to review the Mookie Scramblebug which is aimed at children between the ages of 1-3 years old.

Imagine the excitement of my 2 when this box was waiting for us! (note the Mookie Peppa Pig scooter in the background 😉 )


The first thing I noticed when getting this out of the box is how light it was. It was so light that Kayleigh can pick it up if she wanted to move it out-of-the-way.

Another massive plus point is there is NO assembly, it’s simply a case of getting it out of the box and taking it from the folded down position into the play mode!

And play they did!



















The 4 wheels on this make it stable enough for both of mine to use but the also turn 360 degree’s which makes it easy for them to turn and steer.

Kayleigh is getting a little on the big side for it but Ethan is the perfect size. He whizzes around the living room on it, no problems.

The handles are coated in rubber making them easy to grip and the wheels are coated to give it a quieter ride.

The Scramblebug itself folds down extremely easily, both rear legs you simply pull and turn and the front legs are on a push switch then they fold down as one unit. Once its folded it’s so small it fits down the side of the sofa out-of-the-way over night.

Another good thing is the wide range of colours you can pick from, you can have Yellow, Blue, Lilac or Orange. All great for children!

Our Scramblebug is a massive hit in our house and if you want to pick one up head to Mookie‘s site. They have a link through to them on Amazon.

Big thumbs up from the children in this house!

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