More Money For Mummy: Flexible Jobs You Can Work Around Parenting

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As a busy mum, finding the right work/ life balance can be a huge struggle. Throughout our lives, we’re bombarded by the idea that it’s not really possible to ‘have it all’ as a woman and that we have to decide between work and parenting. However, this simply isn’t true. These days, the accessibility of the internet has meant working from home or starting a business of your own is more possible than ever, which means you can earn money in a flexible way. Returning to work, even part-time can be a struggle as you the hours are generally pretty rigid, and our lives aren’t. Kids can get sick meaning we need to take some time off, or perhaps we’ve been up all night with a teething baby. But earning money with a flexible job can give you the best of both worlds. You can be there for your children when they need you, and when they’re at school, with family members or even sleeping you can earn some much-needed cash. Let’s face it, family life is expensive and any extra income is always going to help! Here are a few ideas for things you could do to boost your bank balance.


Unlike lots of other home businesses, blogging requires very little to get started. All you really need to begin with is a laptop or computer, which chances are you own already. You have the freedom to be able to talk about whatever you like, it allows you to be creative and share your views with other interested people. It does take a while to get a blog established to the point where you will be offered paid work, however it makes a fun hobby up until then. Once you’ve written a number of posts and have gained a following, you could sign up to sponsored post website and bid to do jobs. In time you will also be contacted by companies hoping to work with you.


Earning money as a blogger can take some time to get started. You need to spend many hours building up your site, promoting and writing content that in the beginning, few people are going to be able to see due to having a small following. Freelancing, on the other hand, allows you to start earning money right away. If you sign up to a freelancing website there’s almost always work available, and you can choose how many you take on. There are deadlines for each piece, but you’re not contracted to write a minimum amount so you can fit it around you. You could do an article or two during nap time, or a couple during the evenings and weekends. The money will soon add up!

Dog Walking

If you’re a lover of animals and want to get out and do something that keeps you fit, then why not consider dog walking? You could set up your own business, or see if your local dog walking service is offering any jobs. It allows you to get some fresh air while spending time with some cute pooches- what could be better? If you’re quite an energetic person and find that spending all day working from home or an office gives you cabin fever then this could be a fantastic flexible option.

Mobile Business

If you have a trade or qualification in a certain area, and also have a driving license with use of your own car then setting up a mobile business could be a good, flexible way to earn money. Mobile beauty businesses tend to do well if you’re a qualified nail technician, makeup artist, lash technician or masseuse for example then you could travel out to clients. Photography, painting and decorating and mobile computer repair are also examples, if you’re skilled and qualified in an area then you don’t have to work a set job. Set up a business and work for yourself instead. Once you have your regular clients you’re good to go, best of all because you’re the boss you can decide your availability. This could be a great way to get out and earn some cash while your kids are at school, with relatives or at extracurricular activities.

Home Business

If you don’t drive or have younger children who you’re at home within the day, you don’t have to give up on the idea of running your own business. There are lots of things you could still do from home. If you’re a keen baker for example, why not share this skill and use it to make you some money? You could start a baking business selling all kinds of treats from home, and have people come to you to collect them. You could make and sell anything from clothes to jewellery to homewares and sell these online. You could even buy ready-made products from wholesalers and resell them for a profit.


If you don’t fancy the idea of setting up a home business to utilise your skills or something you’re experienced in, why not become a tutor? Perhaps you used to work as a nutritionist, a personal trainer or a makeup artist. Instead of creating a business you could tutor people instead. People pay well for this. If you’re patient and understanding then you’ll be easily cut out for the job. You could teach a musical instrument, or even offer homework help to children. Use the skills and experience you have gained from either work or hobbies. This allows you to use instead of losing them, but you don’t have to work a rigid job with set hours.

Juggling home life and work can be a difficult balancing act. But providing you can find the right job with flexible hours, it’s possible to do. Also, you can search for part-time jobs here. Women- we can have it all!

Mums- do you have a flexible job or do you currently work full or part-time in the role you did before? Would you consider taking on one of these flexible careers?

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