Why you should never be afraid to change your career #NoMore9to5

Why you should never be afraid to change your career #NoMore9to5

Recently Vorwerk got in touch to ask if I would be interested in taking part in their #NoMore9to5 campaign, designed to raise awareness of how people in the UK really feel about their career.

This is a subject I am really passionate about after recently deciding to change my career after 16 years working in finance.

I’ve never been shy to work, in fact I worked since I was 14/15 in a shop stacking shelves for 2 hours after work every weekday. Back then earning £30 a week was a lot of money for a someone at school, well at least it felt like a lot!

Then after leaving school not knowing what I wanted to do I took a career in accounts. I did a fast track accounting qualification then went straight into my role in an accounts firm. From there I continued to study and moved through the ranks with them and then onto a new company.

Other than taking a 2-week break after taking voluntary redundancy at a role I was in for 8 years and both periods of maternity leave I have been working in finance since I was 16.

However, I have never really loved my job. I never hated it, I just never had any passion in progressing through the ranks. Working through budgets, forecasts and even supervising a team just did not give me any career satisfaction. There was never a desire to push on to the top.

You can’t turn your back on a good paying career, though can you?

Yes, yes you can.

Vorwerk Career - #NoMore9to5

In June I handed my notice in, I was walking away from a guaranteed income every month. One that came with good benefits and holiday/sick pay.

I needed to take the leap of faith, I couldn’t stay in a job that I just didn’t enjoy any longer. Fear of failure had held me back for quite a while.

However, over the years of running this blog and working on freelance bits I had come to love working in writing and social media, it was something I could see myself doing day in day out.

Logically I needed a job though, everyone does. We have bills to pay, we need to keep a roof over our heads but at the same time I had to take the chance. We had managed to save a bit of money which would see us through for a few months if everything failed.

It was a risk but a calculated risk, nothing changes when you have a financial brain mixed with OCD, it was something that went around and around in circles until a decision was made.

It seems my need to change career isn’t something just I was feeling, Vortwerk’s latest study revealed that 45% of adults want to change career. However, the biggest thing stopping people was the fact that they felt it was too risky.

Vorwerk Career - #NoMore9to5

What did surprise me though was that only 13% of people enjoy their jobs. Most people spend more of their week at work than at home, that is a long time to be somewhere doing something you don’t enjoy!

Vorwerk Career - #NoMore9to5

I know it gives you money but life is too short! If you are one of the 87% of people that are not enjoying their job now is the time to do something about it.

Retrain or find a role that you will enjoy, do something for you for a change and make the most of the time we have.

My old motto was always:

I work to live, not live to work

It still is, so don’t be stuck doing something you hate! ?

Vorwerk Career - #NoMore9to5

This post is in collaboration with Vorwerk

Why you should never be afraid to change your career #NoMore9to5


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