New Blog Features

So it’s a new year and a fresh start on the blog. You will have noticed we’ve had quiet a bit of a shake up over the last week and a complete redesign. I hope you like it so far.

I’ve added a new menu selection which has a few new tabs for 2012 and IĀ thought I’d quickly explain these for you šŸ™‚

Get Healthy

In this menu you will come across our recipes that we have been doing and will be doing over the coming months, this are easy to make and some that I’ve had both Kayleigh and Ethan helping with so why not get your toddler involved.

Also thereĀ is our weekly update section which is where IĀ am planning on posting the outcomeĀ of our week’sĀ healthy eating and fitness,Ā also letting you know how IĀ am getting on with the Mutu System. Ā 

Project 366

This section will be devoted to Project 366, which lots of bloggers are participatingĀ in this year. It is simply a picture taken every day for the entire year. Something IĀ am hoping IĀ can stick to as it’s a great way of remembering the year come the 31st December 2012.

I hope you can enjoy the picturesĀ we take over the year as I love taking them.

Great Reads

This is a little section on all the blogs IĀ love to read and IĀ think you will too! There is a great mix in here of parenting blogs and food blogs so I’d recommend popping along and seeing if any take your fancy!


So that’sĀ the new blog layout explained,Ā I hope you’ll enjoy reading in 2012 and we shall be having lots of new exciting competitions throughout the year too!!!

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